Jul 052013

Yeah, it’s going to be an odd bit of updating for us for awhile as we decide where to cut the fat out of our careers but until then I’m sliding in for a post about cover art and promotion.

That’s right, the dreaded P word in erotica/romance is one that halts all authors, makes us all cringe (even badasses like me) because OH NOEZ, we can’t just write the book,  we have to promote it.

I’ve been speaking with other publishers and editors plus taking cues from what’s selling in fiction and WHY it’s selling.  According to a blog post I read at The Writing Bomb, it’s still possible to make a ton of money using Amazon’s KDP program as there are only three obstacles to a reader buying your book.

  1. Price
  3. blurb

We’re focusing on one of the two things we can control.  Cover art.  I’ve already stated that authors aren’t the best judge of character for cover designs, which is why self publishing is a bad idea.  Writers write. Artists art.

Repeat after me.

Writers write.
Artists art.

What this means is that the author hasn’t always the best judge of a cover, BUT that cover does become part of their overall branding.  Let me give you an example using the covers for two of my Decadent Publishing books:

And we’ll go with the other cover I like a lot over there, Surrender to Love:  The two covers have a very similar feel, noting image-wise that the books aren’t overly heavy stories like a lot of my other work, but they also reveal the style and tone of the book.  Both stories are actually BDSM stories, albeit light kink is used, and the covers tell us that.

The folks at Decadent would LOVE for me to spread the covers around along with a myriad of various blog posts and Q/A (which I’ve happily done) because let’s face it, they ARE part of my image.

Also, though, and this reinforces image (bad boy, etc) is the cover for my newest release “Torn to Pieces.”  Another paranormal story, another menage.  The cover reflect that as does the cover for my Red Sage release (due out next year).    For the cover of ENDANGERED, I flat out told the artist “ I don’t actually care enough to stifle the artist’s knowledge.  I’m a writer, not a cover artist. 

I stand by that statement, so she came up with a concept that turned into the art you see in this post.  I’m pretty thrilled actually.  Given what else I’d said about the cover, she nailed the idea and it took some getting used to because the story itself isn’t a light hearted romance but rather a dark one.  So dark in fact that one of my big name friends found herself unable to read the book as it messed with her head.

Somehow I felt validated by this.

Anyway, the grand point I’m making about cover art is that publishing is a numbers game just like many other careers and the more people who see your cover and enjoy it, the more potential for sales you’ll have.  And remember, it IS part of your image, that sexy cover art.  OH, and make sure you have your art on your site!

Jun 062013

June 29th -  2 PM PST -  CreativeSexuality.org

Pitch your sexual fiction & nonfiction.  Ask your writing & publishing questions

  • Our target markets
  • How you can write for us
  • What we’re looking for
  • How to format, submit and get published

Three Sizzler Ediotions editors will discuss

Writing erotica

M. Christian, Senior Editor, author of over 300 short stories, seven  novels,  and two dozen anthologies

Erotic Romance

Sascha llyvich, Romance Editor, award winning erotic romance author and anthologist

Publishing and non-fiction

Jean Marie Stine, Publisher,  author/anthologist/journalist, 3 novels, 7 anthologies, two collections. over 200 stories and articles

20 minute presentation – then our editors will take your questions

Jean Marie Stine has been running Sizzler Editions since 2000, publishing only the highest quality erotica under the Sizzler Editions imprints, along with the PageTurner division for mainstream and non erotic fiction/nonfiction.

All three editors are contributors to WriteSEX - The highly popular site dedicated to teaching about the business of publishing/writing erotica.

May 022013

One of the things I promised we’d cover at WriteSEX has to do with knowing your story vs. the actual story being told.  In every novel there’s what the writer wants the world to see and what the story is really about.

We write a book or story and think it’s about one thing, when it turns out it’s really about something deeper.  Each well written novel has a point it’s trying to prove, an ISSUE based on a PREMISE.

Knowing the difference can make synopsis writing and selling the book/story MUCH easier.  Let me illustrate this with an example from my career:

My recent sale to Red Sage required me to fill out standard author paperwork.  This paperwork though, unlike most places I’d been published before required me to understand and know my marketing plans for the book, and thus rework my original synopsis and cover letter.  It asked me to dig deeper, and be a tighter writer just so they could sell the book to their audience, which is the ultimate goal.

Endangered is essentially a story about overcoming addiction through love, through support while learning how to deal with the harsh reality surrounding the major characters.  Each one portrays some aspect of the core ISSUE in one way or another, as it happens around the plot.  Josef is the clearly obvious addict, swearing allegiance to the bottle and the dragon while Isabella seems addicted to her logic.  The problem with that logic is that it can’t fight the bond growing between her and Josef, except there’s still the issue of her lover, Livia.

Livia’s addiction is…well you’ll have to read the book.  but when I wrote and tried to sell this story in the first place, I wasn’t telling the story from the point of what ISSUE was being addressed.

I simply thought this book was a paranormal menage story involving three characters.   Since I knew the core issue of the story, I knew the plot and could write it quickly.  Coming up with the reworked details Red Sage wanted took some serious time – time I could have spent working on the next book.  It’s my fault for not really looking at the marketing aspect of this story from a wider perspective.

Had a similar conversation with Margie Church about the Razor series she and KB Cutter have written for Sizzler Editions.  Love’s Storm just came out but while we were all crafting the blurb I kept telling Margie to make the blurb pithy and find out what the core issue of the story was – This is something Morgan Hawke taught me but I took my sweet time learning.

Razor is a love story with a point to prove.  As the editor, I’d say the point is “Polyamory is a different type of love, one that requires a lot of work and trust, but does exist.”

Margie will have a better version of that if she comments.

We’ll cover Premise next time I have the blog.

Apr 252013
Bound After Midnight - Paranormal Erotic RomanceSizzler Editions, a/the premier publisher of erotic eBooks since 1998, announces a new site for erotic literature junkies to access their catalog of 1500 titles, sizzlereditions.com. [http://sizzlereditions.com]
Built on a new, more flexible, platform with additional layers of subcategories, the new Sizzler Editions site features the ability to find related books by theme and series. Next to each book cover, readers will see convenient tabs featuring the book’s description, direct purchase links and other information. The updated site also incorporates video trailers for featured Sizzler Edition titles, and expanded Author bio pages.
Of the new site, Publisher Jean Marie Stine says, “Perhaps the biggest change is the fact that we no longer host and sell books ourselves. Readers will instead find a links, which take them directly to a book’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks page.
“At the redesigned Sizzler Editions site, readers can not only easily find  the book they like, but they can buy it from their preferred vendor in a new tab  and have it downloaded instantly into their ebook reading device without ever leaving the Sizzler Editions site.  It’s a win-win for both readers and for us!” 

Stine reveals that the site is continuing to add improvements above and beyond the update unveiled April 2, 2013. “The new site is still very much a work in progress. We will add audio interviews with our authors, include even more features to enhance the visitor’s search experience and more titles from new erotic authors are always being added to our catalog!”Debut releases at the new site include bestselling bondage author, Powerone’s new Cold War spy shocker, Slave of the Kremlin, two novellas of paranormal romance by Sarah Bella, author of Bound by Blood, and a first-ever collection of Herotica editor Marcy Sheiner’s stories, Love & Other Illusions. Also scheduled for release in the coming weeks are Love’s Storm by Margie Church and K. B. Cutter, the second installment of their controversial trilogy about polyamory, plus a new collection of erotic science fiction stories, Skin Effect, by M. Christian. Coming soon to Sizzler Editions are the first of three books books by sexologist Amy Marsh reporting back on Love’s Outer Limits, and new books by Terri Pray, David Jewell and other bestselling authors.

Bookmark sizzlereditions.com now, and start exploring the new features rolled out in the first phase of the update, and  be sure to come back for the official grand reopening on May 1st, when there will be free eBooks, special prizes and other delights.
About Sizzler Editions:
Sizzler Editions is one of the leading ebook publishers of erotica on the internet. Sizzler issued their first ebooks in 1998, and since that time have published over 1500 ebooks books. As of 2013, Sizzler Editions has more than 1,300 erotic ebooks available for sale, and a growing list of new titles.
Sizzler Editions prides itself on presenting the finest in erotica for every sexual interest and orientation. Sizzler Editions imprints include Intoxication (Erotic Romance), Submission (Bondage and BDSM), Attraction (GLBT Erotica), Scorcher (Hot & Hetero), Hot Flash (Short & Collections), Encounter (SciFi and Fantasy), Sexerience (Nonfiction), HerSelf (Women’s Erotica), Platinum (All-Time Best Sellers), Victoria (Erotic Classics), Bounty (Bargain Omnibuses), and Thrill (Mystery & Adventure).

Sascha Illyvich
Editor – Intoxication line:  Erotic Romance

Sizzler Editions
2930 Shattuck Ave. Suite 200-13
Berkeley CA 94705
Mar 202013

We had a bit of a snafu with the original site and while that sucks we lost WriteSEX.net, (we may try to buy it back in the future) the WriteSEX site still lives on, continuing our mission of providing you with quality information on the business of erotica, publishing, writing or otherwise.

This site will be fully up to date before next week, as I leave for Frolicon.  We have a panel there first and foremost, plus a lot of ground to cover by our talented authors in their absence.

Topics I plan to cover when my slot is up:

  • The Agent/Author relationship
  • Deeper POV in sex
  • Knowing your story and THE story – The key difference in writing the synopsis and blurb
  • Crafting the Synopsis that Sells (and that editors like)
  • Leveling up (or when it’s time to take your career to the next level)
  • And many more.

I’m pondering adding the RSS feeds from Chris and Thomas, will definitely add the one from Deborah Riley Magnus to help you all.  She’s presenting some exciting opportunities for serious authors.

The audio from DragonCONs past will be throw back up too.

Rotation will start next Thursday, March 28th.  I’ll be in Atlanta, but the post will be up by then along with some of the site features restored!

On behalf of the WriteSEX team, welcome back!

Jan 102013

Hello and happy new year, readers.

We at the WriteSEX blog have been excited to continue bringing you viable information on the ever so relevant topic of publishing erotica.  As experts we strive for perfection in our art, knowing that all we can truly do is improve upon the previous day’s work.

There will be a few new updates to the site overall, I have only to make the time!

What I’m going to cover today has more to do with reflections and advice for the erotic author.  Yes, I know I gave some advice some time back and it was well read but talking to a few other authors has prompted me to reiterate and add to the previous sage wisdom I’ve posted.

Starting out as an author 13 years ago, I was young, naive, foul mouthed and strongly opinionated.  About everything.

And when I took flack for my writing choice, I had an opinion too.

When I took rejections (yeah, they did happen from time to time) I took them gracefully to the person rejecting me, but I had a tendency to blast the party in question on public loops.

Or worse, I’d whine.  Not like, inner pain, demons tormenting me, whining. That’s valid :P

But “woe is me, the publishing industry sucks…yadda yadda.”

It’s never that an author is unjustified in their feelings (well, sort of) but rather, the feelings need not be displayed because of appearances. There was a story I used to tell about my daily drinking habit vs. those of a lot of the others in publishing and it goes like this:

I drink daily.  Usually 4 a day and it’s mostly wine and whiskey and no more.  Yeah, I spread it out and have food and if I miss a drink big deal.  But I’m consistent.  At conventions, this is obviously not always the case, but the difference is in how my peers act after two or three.  I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and not get drunk and say stupid things while some of my peers run their mouths and speak things we’re all thinking.

Being drunk isn’t bad, the appearance of unprofessionalism and the inability to remain a publishing professional is.  I’m not advocating a drinking hobby, mind you.  I AM suggesting you as an author remain in control at all times.

Getting negative reviews is similar, as the new author is prone to not having a thick enough skin to let things roll off their shoulders. We all get bad reviews.  Some of us know to let those reviews fuel our career to a new place where our writing grows.

Others know how to blast the big magazines whose competition for quality reviews is enormous and may often be chosen by advertising dollars small press might not have access to.

What Oceania, Christian, Thomas, Jean Marie, Debbie and I have been stressing overall is that you press on if you want this to be a lucrative business.



May 032012

One of the things I’m hearing from authors is the waiting time between submission and the actual time for publication.  E-pubs are taking far longer than they used to and some authors, especially the newer ones or the ones with more of a following are having a hard time dealing with it.  Even in erotica, release dates can be up to six months long, as can acceptances of stories submitted.

The reason?  Let’s look at some numbers.

For a company like Sizzler Editions with 200+ authors, let’s assume 30% of those authors are regulars who contribute frequently, sub to us on a regular basis of once every few months.  Each book goes through the same process by a SMALL editing/approval team, starting with the initial submissions editor and finally leading up to the publisher for final approval.  Based on that figure, that’s 60 authors who write regularly, submitting stories ranging from 30k to 100k.  If I as an editor of the Intoxication line have a portion of those stories sent to me, say half, that’s roughly 30 stories over the course of a few months.  Not a large number BUT, editors aren’t just editors, they’re people.  They have to evaluate the stories, see if they can be worked with and molded, then forward the stories up the chain o command.  This can take a few minutes, a few hours or a day or more depending on backlog.

The editing itself on ONE book may range from simple mistakes to the  more complex.  I as an editor don’t edit for plot, unless the plot is majorly screwy and it’s going to prevent a good review.  At another publisher I write for, they have three editors, a line editor, a copy editor and a final line editor to catch as many mistakes as possible.  Right now, I do all that for my Sizzler Authors.

Imagine now piling up several books on one editor and then the continuous flow of creativity writers have, combined with the rest of the process.

Book gets edited, then there are the final edits and last minute changes/fixes, then there’s cover art design, formatting and finally turning the MS in to the publisher.

Even the larger e-publishers are still small in manpower, and at the end of the (usually long) work day, there is still much to do.  As e-publishing has grown, so have the demands on the people at the companies to churn out quality fiction.  Erotica is no different.

That by the way ignores the emails to authors, emails to publishers and oh yeah, did I mention I’m a writer first?

The BEST way to capture an editor’s attention in erotica is simply to write a damn good, clean, tight story.  The more stories that come across my desk requiring less work make it easier for all of us to do our job and release quality e-books to the voracious reading public.  Study the guidelines by each publisher and make sure you understand the sorts of stories they’re looking for before submitting.  If you don’t understand something, feel free to email us.  Yeah, it slows things down but we’d rather deal with an issue up front than have to slow down everything in the middle of the cycle.

Sizzler Intoxication Guidelines can be found here

In the end, we’ll both be happy, albeit the patience game sucks.  As relations develop with your editor, things can be moved around depending on a number of factors such as sales, enthusiasm for marketing the book, and of course, time spent editing.

Apr 202012

I’m wearing my editor hat for this post.

When an author starts to acquire publishing credits, the first thing an agent, new editor or someone with power will do is look for the author’s press kit.  We need to know what you’ve done, how you’ve done it and what that’s done for your career.  It m ay seem a little old fashioned, but the importance of an author press kit cannot be emphasized enough.

Let’s break down the press kit.

For any author, the following documents should be present:

  • 1Page – the one page that you hand out at conventions and send to organizations you approach for teaching/speaking engagements
  • Backlist – Your complete, up to date back list of publishing credits, books released
  • A professional photo – No stupid shit poses please. You’re putting your best face forward
  • Covers of last three releases
  • 3rd person author bio

That’s it!  It should also be zipped in .zip or .rar format and easily found on your website.

Yes, social media and web 2.0 make it easier for any editor to google you and find your results but you’re not doing this for me, the editor.  Not entirely.  You’re doing this because even as a smut writer, you’re still a professional.  You’re still looking at this from a career standpoint and coming off as someone who takes their career seriously will differentiate you from the others in your field who don’t do these simple things.

The 1 Page and back list come in handy often when you’re doing promotions by the way.  The back list comes in handy when your readers ask what else you’ve done or where you’ve been published and.  Giving you a quick reference makes it easier to make a quick sale when you can pull up a file, copy and paste a link or send in an email.

The author bio is obvious, a short, 100 word or less bio of who you are that includes recent publishing credits and facts about you.  Mine is up at Sascha’s Secrets.

The 1Page is a document that shows overall accomplishments in your career.  WriteSEX contributor M. Christian and I use a dual column layout that details basics such as the facts.  I’m an author of X amount of stories (btw 39 for me!) and beneath it, editing credits, WriteSEX credits, teaching gigs, what I can do for you and finally, some reader accolades.

What if you’re lacking in credits? Look, really look, at your career and what you’ve done.  Have you freelance edited for someone else?  That counts.  Do you have anything in your author platform you can utilize? Put that down.

The Press Kit is the one staple that helps you more than you think.

Oceania will hopefully return soon to WriteSEX but in the meantime, we have exciting changes coming up on the blog. 

Apr 052012

One of the things I get asked as an editor is how do I effectively market and sell my book?  In other words, what’s the best use of my time as an author?  Unfortunately, this isn’t a short answer but it is an easy one.  From an editor’s perspective, we acquire books based on how good a story can be told, how well the writer’s skills are and lastly, how the story can make us (the publisher and author) money.

The easiest tool any author has in their arsenal is the excerpt.  Yup, you saw it.  It’s really that easy.  Once a story is polished and the author has seen their corrected galleys, they should feel free to chose an excerpt that meets the needs of their audience.  This being WriteSEX, and an erotica based audience, we want to see SEX!  Yes, adult content, sex, two (or more) bodies building up the anticipation of a climax we believe is going to happen.

In erotica – sex IS the plot.

In other erotic genres -sex FORWARDS the plot

That being said, we want to pull out a selection of text from our stories that sets the scene.  If the story is erotica, we want to see as much of the buildup to the sex scene as possible without giving away the climax.  Why?  Because looking at one handed readers and getting them off doesn’t equal a sale if you do it in the excerpt.  It’s like clip sites in pornography, you show me the money shot, why do I need to bother with the back story?  Or anything else for that matter?

Take fore example an upcoming release “Treasure’s Gift.”  It’s a FFM menage story for Decadent Publishing coming out soon. The blurb:

Treasure has always had a thing for Mark, her best friend.  When he drops in unannounced, she’s glad until she realizes his workload is keeping him occupied when the only thing on her mind is jumping him.   With the help of a very sexy friend, she uses the one thing designed to make Mark slow down and take notice.  What will he do at the temptation of two beautiful women?

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well here’s the excerpt I used originally:

Mark looked at Treasure, wishing he could just fall asleep in beautiful pools of her eyes. Or swim naked with her. 

His cock hardened uncomfortably in his trousers.  Could Treasure feel his arousal?

Did she know the depths of wickedness he’d love to explore with her?

He fought a yawn from the overbearing heat and length of his flight.  Closing his eyes, he leaned back in the chair and let out a breath.  The hectic schedule his travel required of him would exhaust anyone. 

The fact that his property was in Kingwood, he had to fly into Houston Intercontinental and then drive all the way back to Sugarland where Treasure lived added to his building fatigue, but hell, he’d do anything to see her standing before him, looking at him with a hidden mischievous grin and her hands on her hips.  Nipples would ache for him and jut out proudly while her oh so kissable lips moved.

“I’ve got all sorts of ideas, babe.”

“I’m sure you do,” she nodded.  “Just come to bed when you’re done.”

She walked away, ass swaying from side to side with each step she took.  Hands reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head before she disappeared, leaving him with a view of tanned skin, no bra and the need to slake his own primal needs tonight.

“Damnit!”  Mark knocked back the drink and slammed the glass on the table.  He certainly didn’t look forward to the next few weeks of very long Saturdays despite being so close to achieving his financial goals.  Not if Treasure intended to taunt him with hints at her naked flesh. 

He had to do something about his raging erection.  Maybe a cold shower.  Or maybe a long, hot shower featuring Treasure stepping into the large tub with him, setting her delectably round ass against his cock and coating his dick in her juices would… 

Sadly, Mark showered quickly, ignoring his hard on.  He dressed in pajama bottoms, a tank top that showed off his muscular arms and pale skin.  Bedtime included a nightcap, a large one designed to knock him out so he’d sleep without dreaming of Treasure’s body blanketing his while her pussy milked the life out of him. 

Mark slumped back in his chair, head hanging forward.  He took a sip of bourbon, let the liquid burn his throat before he took another longer swig.  Sitting up, he looked over the now neatly organized stack of papers


His lips curled upward. 

The bedroom door opened.  “Mark,” The soft lilting of her voice reignited the spark of arousal. 

Mark set his glass on the desk and waited.  “Yes dear?”

“It’s bedtime.  Come to bed.”

She sounded needy. Another man would have missed the subtlety of want in her voice.  “I have things to do before bed first.” 

“Then I’ll come to you.”  Her voice dripped with unmistakable husky lust. 

Mark arched a brow. 

A moment later, Treasure appeared before Mark wearing a black see through teddy that flowed out at the bottom with lace trimming and barely reached the top of her thighs.  A scrap of lace hid both nipples and obscured his view of her sex.  Dirty blonde hair fell around her shoulders in loose curls, bouncing with each step she took towards him.  Hands started at her shoulders, smoothed down her arms, over full breasts and down her round stomach until stopping at her hips. Treasure stuck one leg forward, took a tentative step closer to Mark and stopped mere inches from him. “Well?”

His jaw dropped.  He blinked several times to make sure he was seeing right before focusing on her expression. 

She frowned.  “You think I’m fat.  I knew it.”

“No!” He stood and took her hands in his.  His stomach tightened from the contact while his cock stirred against his pajamas.  Blood pumped faster down south and his mouth went bone dry.  “No, that’s not it. It’s just…just…wow Treasure.  I’ve dreamed of this for years.”

“What do you intend to do now?”  She tilted her head and her mouth curled into a wicked grin.

We’re left wondering if he’s really going to go forward with it like a man should, or if he’ll play an idiot and turn down his best friend.  I could have used a longer excerpt to show you but again, that’s not creating demand for the reader to want to know more.  Hopefully in the excerpt above I’ve convinced the reader to buy the story.

The excerpt should not only match the desired audience but should be LENGTHY depending on story size.  Treasure’s Gift is only 5k in length, whereas my previous 1NS release from Decadent was 11k, and my excerpt was almost 2k.  The rule of thumb is simple.  You want to create as much want in the audience for your story as possible by keeping them ENGROSSED in your world for as long as possible, then pull the plug, leaving them with only the desire to buy your book.

I’ll cover more next time on Excerpts.

Mar 182012

Images copywright by owner, NOT writesex

The biggest thing authors, both old and new, have to deal with is growing your audience.  If you’re old guard and established, take a look at your career level and ask yourself if you’re comfortable with where you’re at or if you’d like more growth.  By this I mean do you wish to expand your audience (and your royalty check) and make a bigger name for yourself?

If you’re just starting out, can you grow your audience quickly?

Well, yes and no.  The biggest challenge any author I know has is trying to figure out how to expand their readership without resorting to practically giving away the product.  I’ll never support the artist mentality of being poor, broke, starving, sober and happy.  It doesn’t pay the bills.  But what does?

We’ve covered enough plotting and scene structure of a story, plus a plethora of other things in this blog to date that should help the author write solid marketable stories.  Jean Marie has covered the factors that make an author successful from an erotic publisher’s standpoint and we’ve gone over other aspects of craft.  By now you can write a story, novella or novel that a publisher should consider buying.  But the biggest mistake most authors make in marketing their sold products is in how they go about marketing.

From a typical author’s standpoint, there are the following options:

  • Online chats
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogging and Blog Tours
  • Business cards
  • Convention attendance

Online chats tend to be a waste of time, social media is a skill many do not possess, blogging and blog tours require tons of time spent writing posts that balance the close of a sale and the content management designed to keep readership up, BUT done successfully they work.

The last two require an outpouring of funds from the author, which is not always a smart move since it doesn’t make financial sense. If you’re talking about a low level convention such as last year’s Erotic Author’s Association Convention in Las Vegas, we’re talking air fare, hotel fare, convention fare (they stupidly didn’t wave fees for their speakers) and food.  If it’s a more upscale and established convention like RWA Nationals, we’re talking hundreds of dollars if not more for just air fare and hotel PLUS convention fees.  At least the folks at EAA kept the entrance fee fairly accessible.

If your royalties don’t justify going, then don’t.  MONEY FLOWS TO THE AUTHOR, NOT AWAY.  This is why I’m so against self publishing, because from a financial standpoint it makes NO sense.  Yes there are exceptions, but they’re rare. It may not be about who has the most money at the end of their career but how much does it suck to know that nice $500 royalty check you made last month got sucked in one fell swoop by a convention that historically proves a low return for authors?

So what IS the secret for growing your audience?

I hesitate to reveal it because it really is THAT simple.  Most people can’t grasp simple ideas, they seem “too easy.”

In an earlier post by Jean Marie Stine, she talked about reusing content across multiple sites and publishers, thus maximizing your income and keeping your time spent in proportion to monies earned.  Yes this isn’t so easy to do with novels and novellas but short stories are what attract the reader to you initially.  In the same vein, aren’t you writing short stories or taking your characters from the worlds you’ve created and writing short stories featuring them?  If so, the free erotic story markets are your friend.

Madison’s Cure and Other Erotica

Readers on sites like Literotica.com are voracious, many of them come back to the site to check it multiple times a day.  Their favorite author or authors may have thrown up a new story, a new chapter, a continuation of some sort or who knows!  The stats speak for themselves however.  In the first month I posted a short story from Madison’s Cure and Other Erotica: A Best Of and found myself with 23,000 hits on that story.  I followed up with a few more short stories and learned better the tricks for keywording a story to draw the attention of the reader.  This taught me how to write better promo blurbs for when I had later stories published.

The point is, using the simple tricks to avoid spending money while improving time spent will over the course of your career help grow your name.