Feb 112010

by oceania, www.sensualwords.com

I had to laugh when i read Dr Nicole Peeler description herself as the odd (wo)man out. If she is the odd one out then i must be from mars because I create audio erotica. Long before podcasting became the hot commodity it is now I was creating, recording and publishing audio erotica for retail outlets and for adult entertainment sites.

This career started as a lark and like M.Christain I never thought I could write erotica, not until i tired it. And I never knew i had the guts to record it until I got to the studio.

i stepped outside my comfort zone
and the boundaries of what others considered acceptable
at that time
audio was considered a vehicle for poetry, children’s stories and music. Certainly not for erotic stories.

audio strikes a cord that is hard to ignore.

Through a story
using my voice
I can be anyone…
anyone at all!
the imagination of the listener and the inflection of my voice let imaginations go where they must.
It’s intoxicating.
it’s powerful!

I can understand why Audre Lorde,
the black lesbian poet called the erotic,
and women so empowered

I am dangerous because i write using that power!
and like a politician i wield that power by touching my audience with the spoken word

using audio for a medium
it is like being that dirty bad girl
the one that enjoys sex too much
is a bit too easy
and has too much fun

with audio
they have to hear my words
and the subtle undertones that say to them
don’t be afraid of your inner self
the one that understands this life’s blood
and stop trying to control things

like the nature of my line breaks

i know that  from reading this post
you saw the change in styles
and your fingers are itching to redline
add punctuation
common sentence structure
but step outside your comfort zone
and read it as i do
a break where one takes a breath
it might drive editors insane
but for audio
for me
it is

it allows me to feel the words
see if they ring true

this is the way i work
it might not be for everyone

but the one powerful string that unites all writers, especially the writesex group, is that we push boundaries, upset the apple cart, and go where we are not comfortable in order to break our own limitations and become better writers.

Even though audio erotica is my preferred addiction, i use audio when i create stories that will be text only, i use it for agreements and contracts and mainstream articles.

When i mentor others I ask them to read to me. What surprises me is how many writers are shy when it comes to reading their work.
after all if you can’t hear a story in your head
then how will you get it on paper.

if you become paralyzed when putting voice to your words
then perhaps audio is the tool for you

I love this tool
the voice
it’s free
most everyone has one

and in using it
you can avoid the pitfalls that many writers fall into
the reuse of phrases
and clichés

because people especially writers
when working on a piece
skim the written word
you cant do that when saying the words out loud

the listener, will hear if the reader is in tune with his or her character
if emotions ring true
if a passage is written badly

audio is a litmus test
and one that i highly recommend

Sensual Words custom audio stories

Listen to the audio

Oceania for writesex.net