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Our Selection of the Best Books on Writing Erotica and Erotic Romance
(Check back – we will be adding new titles weekly)


Writing Erotic Fiction – and Getting Published Mike Bailey
A former editor for several publishers of erotica shares practical advice, including common mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to Write Erotic Short Stories that Sell – A Simple Formula – Christina Palmer
The author of over 50,000 erotic short stories shares her formula for success.

Writing Erotic Fiction: How to Write a Successful Erotic Novel – Pamela Rochford
Realistic encouragement and tips from top-selling authors: how to get started, how to develop plot and character, and how to present your work for publication.

How to Write Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes – Ashley Lister
The author of popular erotic novels details how contemporary masters of the craft produce successful, effective and award-winning erotica. You’ll find information on preferred vocabulary, erotic characters, publisher taboos, sex-positive writing, and  how to write convincing sex scenes.

How to Write and Sell Erotica: Tricks of the Trade from the Field’s Most Successful Author M. Christian
No one knows more about writing and selling erotica than M. Christian, author of over three hundred stories and six novels, and the editor of over two dozen anthologies. In this unique insider’s guide, Christian offers the benefit of his lifesaving tips, hard-earned lessons and personal observations.

How to Write a Dirty Story – Susie Bright
Susie Bright, editor of the much-beloved Best American Erotica series, shows readers how to heat up sex scenes in everything from traditional novels and romances to science fiction and horror. She guides aspiring writers in reading erotica to discover the elements and styles that work. Then she walks them through the writing process: how to get hot ideas, devise steamy plots, use language like a pro and bring the story to a memorable climax.

How to Really Self-Publish Erotica: The Truth about Kinks, Covers, Advertising and More – Dalia Daudelin
Excellent advice about where to publish, what and how to write, how to publicize yourself and your books, etc.

How to Write Sex Well – Eve Summers
Rules and reflections on how to write a hot bedroom scene.

Elements of Arousal: How to Write and Sell Gay Men’s Erotica – Lars Eighner
The acclaimed author of numerous golden-age gay classics offers his guide for success.

TheSEXaurus: Sexy Words for Writers – Stefanie Olsen
Lists of words and phrases to spice up your love scenes.

Hot Ink: Your Guide to Self-Publishing Erotica Laura Steele, Melissa Constantine and Juliet Vega
The romance and erotica markets generate more than a billion dollars in sales every year. Hot Ink is your guide to the specialized niche of erotica writing.

Improve Your erotica: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Better Smut Ruby Kiddell
Tips to help the writer avoid being the literary equivalent of bad foreplay.

How to Write and Sell Gay Erotica Nathan J Morissey
Amazon bestselling author Nathan J Morissey spills his secrets on how to write good gay erotica and sell it, too.

Erotica 101: How to Write a Dirty Story (With Nine Naughty Examples) (James Dawson’s Erotica Collections)
James Dawson’s writing credits include hundreds of stories published in more than two dozen men’s magazines. Contains the entertainingly informative title forward and nine newly revised short stories, as well as individual introductions for each story.

Sex is All Metaphors Jean Roberta
Food for thought for writers of erotica on almost every page.


Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance – Angela Knight
USA Today bestselling author Angela Knight provides straight talk about writing techniques, making your erotic romance erotic, action both in and out of bed, the anatomy of a sex scene, ‘kink’, and good dialogue.

How to Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors – Shoshanna Evers
Learn from the authors who write sexy books—and sell them, making a successful living from what they love most. They’ll share their advice on writing sizzling hot sex scenes, adding sexual tension, finding paying markets and publishers for books or stories, and much more. Includes essays on gay sex, BDSM, kink, and ménage.

Thinking Like A Romance Writer: The Sensual Writer’s Sourcebook of Words and Phrases – Dahlia Evans
One of the most important aspects of writing erotic romance is the use of descriptive, enticing words and phrases that will turn readers on and keep them coming back for more. Here is a thesaurus unlike any other, filled to the brim with words and phrases gathered from hundreds of bestselling romance novels.

Making Money Writing Naughty – The ULTIMATE Romance and Erotica E-Book Self Publishing Guide – Ava Bonde
This guide will show you how to put together that first successful book—even if you’ve never written before; how to leverage free tools and self-publishing systems; how to create a great book cover without spending a penny, and a wealth of other useful advice.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena: How to Write Best-Selling Erotic Romance – Chloe Thurlow
Insider tips on how to create living characters, and how to keep readers glued to the page by “showing” what’s happening through action, not “telling” the reader with dull explanation.

How to Write Romance Heroes with Sex Appeal (The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published) – Adrienne deWolfe
Winner of the Best Historical Romance of the Year Award explores writing from the male perspective; giving your heroes sexy, lovable personas readers fall in love with; the top 10 character traits romance readers want in their heroes, and more.

How to Write a Paranormal Romance Novel – Your Step-By-Step Guide – Graziel Senosa
Valuable information for anyone writing, or thinking of writing, paranormal romance.

1,001 Romance Story Starters – Annette Elton
For when your imagination needs a little spark! Covers many genres—erotic romance, paranormal, historical and everything in between—and includes dialogue starters, ideas for scenes, open-ended scenarios, advice on creating compelling characters, and even suggestions for story endings.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance – Alison Kent
For first-timers, seasoned professionals and everyone in between, a veteran erotic romance author shows exactly what to do—and how.

Love Writing—How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction Sue Moorcroft
Drawing on her experience as a fiction writer and creative writing tutor, this ‘must-have’ book includes questions from aspiring writers and illuminating responses from published writers and industry experts.

The Cheater’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance Morgan Hawke and Vanessa Hawthorne
This little volume is all about bending the rules to suit yourself, while satisfying your bank account.

Writing Romance Vanessa Grant
This book will show you everything you need to know to successfully break into the romance writing market, from planning and plotting your story to editing and selling your manuscript.

Heart & Craft: Bestselling Romance Writers Share their Secrets with You Valerie Parv
Some of the most successful romance writers in the world give insider advice on romance writing in this how-to guide.


Marketing 101 for Writers (Writing Romance Series) – Suzanne Rock & Em Petrova
Learn marketing tips from the pros. Em and Suzanne have worked with both publishers and authors to strengthen their unique brands. In this book, they use their vast experience to break down the overwhelming list of options into bite-sized portions that are easy to understand and implement. Authors will learn how to strengthen their platforms while managing both writing and marketing time efficiently.


Doing it Write – Melissa St. James
This short book provides pointed tips on grammar, spelling, punctuation and submission guidelines.


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