Mar 282013

During the changing tides in publishing, a lot of questions abound as to how to get published, what to do, do you need an agent or not?

Today we’re going to focus a little more on career oriented information.  Let’s state the facts first.

  • FACT: Writing is a very lonely process, putting the writer at will with his/her own mind in a room alone until such time the writer can return to reality.
  • FACT: Publishing isn’t an easy business to navigate, which is why you’re reading sites like WriteSEX
  • FACT: Serious authors know when the time to move up in their career be it for money or whatever, they need a team.
  • FACT:  You alone are responsible for your success or lack thereof. 

An agent can be part of that team.  Let’s be clear, not all agents are created equal, but with any group of similar things, there will be bad apples and good apples.  I’d like to believe the majority of agents have the author’s best interest in mind as it helps not just the author, but the agent’s bottom line.

Let’s be clear.  If you’re in publishing and taking your career seriously you know you’re in it for money.  The RIGHT Agent can help with that.  But it’s not just the money end of things they’re good with.  The relationship is a give and take.  Let me start with an example from last year.

I’d been busting my ass all year with less than stellar results (thanks Amazon) in sales and was offered a temporary editing gig that could become permanent.  As an editor for Sizzler, I do all right, getting paid faster due to my quick turnaround on books.  It dawned on me I’d do better if I quit writing, left the reader groups I’d become so beloved on, and just focused solely on editing.

I called my agent to have her stop me from my stupidity.  She did.  On numerous occasions both Saritza and Marisa have stopped me from doing dumb, career ending things because they believe in my career and in ME.  And it’s not a bottom line thing, either.  Yes, that’s part of it but the fit here is that I respect their firsthand knowledge of something I’d have to get second hand.  Numerous times that will happen, things change, authors change, grow, setbacks occur.   The agent can guide the author out of the maelstrom.

I respect the skill sets they possess and that’s important.  Yes, I will learn the things they have to teach me, but at a much slower pace, and at a pace that takes time away from my writing.

What creative people often forget is that making money is a team sport.  Yes you can go it alone, yes you can struggle, learn the lessons, become the best writer of your genre with the most knowledge but if you make a lot of money it’ll be over a longer period than if you have someone who can help you accelerate and learn certain lessons faster.

Erotica is no different.  Yes, our fun is a little more hands on (heh) but it’s still publishing.  The agent who knows how to navigate the options, knows how to help you steer your career toward your goals.

It behooves the author to make choices with their career that help further his goals.  Understanding how to help your agent help you will only benefit you further.   Stubborn authors may get ahead but the slow path isn’t one I’d like to be on.

Yes there are horror stories.  Covered that above.  There’s a plethora of authors who made bad decisions because they didn’t think tings through or have clarity.  There are also a number of unscrupulous agents as in any industry.  Sometimes the two pair, sometimes they don’t.

The changing face of the industry, with publishers going under, Amazon being Amazon, new opportunities coming up, new trends popping up, it all becomes madness that makes writing, the very thing we want to do, difficult.  Why not go with a guide, someone whose job it is to navigate and explain options, thus allowing you clarity in your career?

The more I can help my agents to help me, the further and faster we’ll all get ahead.

As with anything though, nothing worth having is worth having without work.  Writing erotica, or otherwise for a career choice is no different.

Mar 202013

We had a bit of a snafu with the original site and while that sucks we lost, (we may try to buy it back in the future) the WriteSEX site still lives on, continuing our mission of providing you with quality information on the business of erotica, publishing, writing or otherwise.

This site will be fully up to date before next week, as I leave for Frolicon.  We have a panel there first and foremost, plus a lot of ground to cover by our talented authors in their absence.

Topics I plan to cover when my slot is up:

  • The Agent/Author relationship
  • Deeper POV in sex
  • Knowing your story and THE story – The key difference in writing the synopsis and blurb
  • Crafting the Synopsis that Sells (and that editors like)
  • Leveling up (or when it’s time to take your career to the next level)
  • And many more.

I’m pondering adding the RSS feeds from Chris and Thomas, will definitely add the one from Deborah Riley Magnus to help you all.  She’s presenting some exciting opportunities for serious authors.

The audio from DragonCONs past will be throw back up too.

Rotation will start next Thursday, March 28th.  I’ll be in Atlanta, but the post will be up by then along with some of the site features restored!

On behalf of the WriteSEX team, welcome back!